IT Outsourcing

An increasing number of companies are outsourcing parts of their business processes’ support functions that do not constitute a part of their core business operations. When deciding for an outsourcing partner, companies are searching for a long-term cooperation partner who is reliable and takes responsibility of IT-environment’s overall service and continuous development. The scope of outsourcing agreements can cover services related to defined IT-environment areas or to wide-scale overall outsourcing.

Outsourcing services enable building of long-term and reliable partnership with the customer. The service offering covers services related to different areas of IT-environment with a high quality and reliable overall service package. The customer-specific service model can consist of either partial or full-scale outsourcing which is enabled by flexible cooperation agreements and comprehensive modular service structure.

Outsourcing services are composed of the following segments:

The development focus of outsourcing services lies particularly on the management of outsourcing-related transition projects, improvement of service continuity, management of agreed service levels, and development of cooperation models for customer-relationship. The objective of the development is always to create service solutions that our customers find easy and uncomplicated.

In addition to technological expertise, the solutions used for outsourcing services are based on a deep-seated knowledge of service processes. The process development for outsourcing services utilizes the industry’s best practices related to service management areas such as management of service strategy, design, transition, operations and continuous development.

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