Devices, Licenses and Life-Cycle Services

Life-cycle services for devices and licenses provide customers with a cost-effective and comprehensive service package. The life-cycle services cover device-related tasks ranging from a device’s procurement and installation to its secure removal and the recycling of a physical device once its life-cycle comes to an end.

Software agreements and licenses management services enable the development of the customer’s software investment management and the optimization of costs in terms of the necessary licenses.

The life-cycle services free up any customer’s resources until then tied up in the routine management tasks involving devices and licenses. The comprehensive service model makes use of solid experience of life-cycle services and its operational models and service processes which are proved to be efficient in a multi-customer environment.

Contact persons for more information

Matti Seppänen, Vice President Sales, Marketing & Service Management, Enfo Finland Sales
Phone: +358 400 422 556

Nicklas Bremgård, Business Unit Director, IT Outsourcing
Phone: +46 709 65 10 50

Osmo Wilska, Executive Vice President
Phone: +358 400 483 567

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