Server and Capacity Services

A company’s servers play a pivotal role in the functionality of the required business applications, providing systems with platforms that exploit modern technology. However, managing the data center premises required by the server environment within a company’s own premises may pose challenges to the company’s property management and the maintenance of an appropriate level of information security.

Investments in the development of server systems may prove very costly indeed, since the required capacity may vary seasonally, while maintenance costs remain the same all year round.

Server and capacity services provide customers with a more efficient way to exploit cutting-edge information technology according to their company’s server capacity requirements. By utilization of virtual solutions, customers do not need to invest in physical equipment, meaning that they can reduce the costs of fixed reserve resources accordingly. And while centralized disk storage service allows the increase of disk storage capacity according to need, backup service gives customers the chance to reduce their companies’ business risks in preparation for possible disasters and emergencies.

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