Baseline – the Award Winning Integration, SOA and BPM Methodology

Baseline is your one stop shop for all your integration needs. We offer a packaged Best Practice, based on thousands of integration projects and 10 years experience, to help your Integration, SOA or BPM initiative take off. IBM recognized this already in 2007 and awarded us the SOA Innovation Award at the international Impact conference in Orlando.

If you’re just starting out in the area, check out one of our Workshops. It’s a quick way to find out just what’s in it for you. If you’ve already decided to invest in integration middleware products, why not use one of our packaged services offerings, the Start kits? You’re up and running in a couple of weeks, at a fixed price.

What is Baseline?

Baseline itself is a set of Best Practice Tools. At its core, the Concept Model defines what, exactly, an integration is, and what its constituent parts are. Together with the Reference Architecture (which defines the functions of an Integration Platform), it provides the backbone of how we view the Integration domain. A set of Documents and Templates provide everything from an Integration Policy to the details of how to document the deployment steps of an Integration solution. For customers requiring it, Baseline also includes Process and Organization Templates, that can be used as a starting point to set up an ICC (Integration Competence Center).

Movie about the Baseline Portal:


Baseline is a generic methodology that can be applied to any integration middleware. However, we have also created technology specific Software Products that will work seamlessly with products from a number of integration middleware vendors, including IBM, Microsoft, and MuleSoft, as well as open source products such as Camel and ActiveMQ.

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Contact persons for more information

Adam Ritzén, Sales Director, Enfo Sweden Sales
Phone: +46 708 400 220

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