Business Process Management – BPM

Streamlined Business Processes

In the area of Business Process Management (BPM) we help our customers create and streamline improveable and measurable business processes. Through our methodology Baseline we create processes that are uniformly managed, documented and implemented across an organization’s various business areas. We help you save money and create flexible processes that can change when your business changes.

Are you curious to learn wahat BPM could mean for you? You may be wondering

  • What benefits and challenges you would face if you where to start down the BPM-track
  • How you should get organized
  • Which architecture would suit you
  • What an ROI calculation for BPM in your organization would look like

If you are, then the Baseline BPM Workshop would be a perfect fit for you! We meet for 2 days, and you get a hands-on experience of what BPM could do for you.

If you already made your decision to start working with BPM then the Baseline BPM Start kit is for you. For a fixed price during approximately 1 month we:

  • Install your IBM WebSphere Business Process Management BPM middleware
  • Train you and your staff in both technology and methodology
  • Give you access to Baseline for BPM, methodology and tools for working efficiently with BPM
  • Construct a process that we together identify, model, simulate, document and implement in the BPM-product that we installed

If you already work actively with BPM we offer:

  • Operations Analysis. We help you analyze what processes or sub-processes could be automated for more efficient and flexible business operations. We also present the goals and Key Performance Indicators that are important to the current process.
  • Service Definitions. Based on the processes that we have defined above, we design, along with the business, the services (SOA-style) that are most relevant to define as reusable and public.
  • Implementation of processes. We implement your processes in the BPM platform you choose.
  • Implementation of integrations. A very common element in BPM solutions is integration with various systems to achieve cross-organization processes that can be easily managed and changed. Being The Integration Company, we have years of experience building solid integration back-ends to automated processes.
  • BPM Governance and Center of Excellence. We help you develop the organization, processes, templates and guidelines to govern your BPM work in an efficient manner.

Contact persons for more information

Adam Ritzén, Sales Director, Enfo Sweden Sales
Phone: +46 708 400 220

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