Integration Delivery Center

Integration simplified!

Enfo Zystems IDC (Integration Delivery Center) offers integration as a managed service. You can outsource all or parts your integration work to us. We want you to be able to offer your business and your projects integration development and integration management

  • At a fixed price based on a pricelist
  • Within defined time limits
  • According to defined SLA:s
  • With high quality

We also take care of your needs for change in the integrations and integration platform. All this makes it easy to budget for your integration needs and easy for the business to launch new projects.

All integrations created as part of Enfo Zystems IDC follow Baseline which means:

  • Change-friendly design
  • Reusable integrations and services
  • Uniformly documented integration solutions, which simplifies change and creates visibility and transparency
  • Well-tested integrations which reduces the cost of deployments and changes
  • Well-defined patterns

Governance stays with you so you’re in control.

What would an IDC mean for you? Our Workshop will help you find out!

Contact persons for more information

Adam Ritzén, Sales Director, Enfo Sweden Sales
Phone: +46 708 400 220

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