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World Class Integration Solutions

Since 2001 Enfo Zystems have carried out tens of thousands of successful integration projects with global customers in the Nordics and the US. Our sole mission is to provide you with flexible and maintenance friendly integration solutions, be they A2A (application to application) or B2B (business to business) or Cloud. Our vast experience from working with both small and large scale integration solutions in all corners of the world is your guarantee that we will indeed deliver world class integration solutions.

The lowest common denominator of successful projects is clarity and communication. We know from experience that a close dialogue between the parties is crucial  to achieve success and we know how to create this together with our customers. Many of our customers have their own project model (like RUP or PROPS). No matter which project model you use,  our Baseline methodology will support and complement your way of working.

Today we’re leaders in our industry and we love the personal encounter. Give us a ring and let’s get together so we can tell you more about how your business could benefit from drawing on our expertise!

Enfo Zystems has the following packaged services for A2A, B2B and Cloud:

We offer the these services in the A2A, B2B and Cloud area:

  • Integration Project Management
  • Integration and SOA Architecture
  • Integration Development
  • Integration Test
  • Integration Mentor

E.TV about B2B integration with IBM Datapower


Contact persons for more information

Adam Ritzén, Sales Director, Enfo Sweden Sales
Phone: +46 708 400 220

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