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The purpose of the  Baseline Workshop format is to provide you with an opportunity to focus on a particular area in the integration domain for one or two days together with our topic experts, and leave you with a report that will be part of your decision support to move forward. We’ll charge you a fixed price – what it amounts to is a pilot study without the uncertainties! We summarize your current situation, your challenges, your options, and even provide you with an ROI should you need it. And it’s educational – our workshop staff have years of experience in their area of expertise and they love to share their experience with you. Your team will leave the workshop with new insights and a fresh outlook on the issues discussed. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn and build a solid decision base for your future integration initiatives!

The Format

Basically, the workshop format, regardless of topic, follows this outline:

  • Start up meeting, where we agree on a prioratized agenda
  • Fact collection, where you fill in a questionnaire in preparation for the workshop
  • Workshop, where we spend a day or two working through the prioritized agenda
  • Report, in which we summarize our findings and recommendations
  • Presentation, where we meet and go through the Report together

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Microsoft Workshops/Vouchers

Contact person for more information

Adam Ritzén, Marketing Director, Enfo Group
Phone: +46 708 400 220

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