Baseline for BizTalk

Many organizations rely on BizTalk for mission-critical information flows. Yet business stake-holders, such as application or process owners, can’t easily monitor those information flows. If something goes wrong, a call to the help desk is often your only alternative, only to find out hours or days later that the problem could easily have been fixed by yourself, if only you’ve had the relevant information at hand.

Baseline Portal for BizTalk to the rescue

BaselineportalThe Baseline Portal offers end-to-end visibility for integration solutions built on Microsoft BizTalk. It bridges the gap between what the business is interested in (i.e. that a specific piece of information is correctly sent from one party to another) and the IT-solution that implements the information transfer. It does this by defining Integrations in a concise way. An Integration will be made up from a number of Contracts, where each Contract defines the exchange between the sending party and BizTalk, or BizTalk and the receiving party/parties.
How it works

By defining and designing all BizTalk solutions using a common set of building blocks (such as Services, Contracts and Integrations), we have a common set of templates corresponding to these building blocks, so that we can document each Service, Contract or Integration and store this information in a common Repository. This repository will contain all the solutions (i.e. Integrations) that have been deployed to BizTalk. Users get an easy overview of the integrations right on the front page of the Baseline Portal.

The Baseline Portal uses BizTalk BAM to collect events and contains a component that will automatically apply a standardized tracking profile to each new Send or Receive port that is being created. By connecting the Service Endpoints of the Repository with actual Ports in BizTalk, any existing BizTalk solution can be described in the standardized manner of Baseline and thus start to produce tracking events that let the end users follow each instance of a message being processed by an integration in a coherent way.

Need to track specific data from your messages? Not a problem. Just assign a Message to an End point, then pick the fields from the message you want to be able to track and search for.

 Key Features

    • A portal based on Microsoft Silverlight
    • Integration repository
    • RSS based event subscriptions
    • Role based security
    • BizTalk tracking support
    • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
      • MFT is a feature which allows you to create simple file transfers and deploy them directly to BizTalk (Supports FILE and FTP protocols).



    • To run the Baseline Portal you need the following components (or later versions):
    • BizTalk Server 2010
    • SQL Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0



Baseline Portal Support offerings & Service level agreement
Baseline Portal Support is a reactive support service based on defined activities, including incident handling and problem handling. Through the license when buying the Baseline Portal, the following support agreement is included below. (Specified in the support agreement)
  • To restore the agreed functionality for the Baseline Portal as soon as possible
  • To respond within the time limits imposed by the agreed service levels (Three different support levels are available)
  • To minimize the impact of an incident on the Customers business!
The service hour options for incident management offered are handled through the support agreement – normal workdays Monday-Friday 8-16 but we can on request offer higher level of services like 24/7.
Request for more information and buying information
We’re market leaders in northern Europe in the area of integrating applications and business processes. For more information about Baseline for BizTalk, please contact Martin Rydman, Baseline Manager +46 705 67 97 02

Kontaktpersoner för mer information

Adam Ritzén, Marketing Director, Enfo Group
Tel: +46 708 400 220

Fredrik Bergman, VD, Enfo Zystems
Tel: +46 708 393780

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