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UTFORSKA vad vi kan och gör



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Data Innovation Summit Enfo

evenemang - mars 22, 2018

Data Innovation Summit

Data Innovation Summit is an annual one-day event bringing together the most innovative minds, enterprise practitioners, technology providers, start-ups and academics, working with Data Science, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IOT. It is the most influential and the biggest Data event in the Nordics.

 Meet us at Data Innovation Summit on March 22nd! 

Welcome to our booth in the Expo area where we will present two inspiring customer cases:

Digital Products for a better future

The evolution of Internet of Things displays remarkable potential for development in many industries. Control over data from connected devices is absolutely essential to transform it into valuable information. Enfo presents a customer case regarding visualization of energy production from solar panels in real estate using IoT. This effort is one of AMF Fastigheter’s sustainable energy initiatives.

Speaker: Erik Runeland, Solution Sales Manager at Enfo


Coop takes their customer analysis to the next level

The market moves towards more peronalized offers which means high demands are placed on the models behind. This requires advanced analysis in a broader perspective. Enfo presents a customer case where Coop managed to enable a platform for long-term advanced analysis. This allowed them to send out customized and targeted offers to customers based on the customer's current and prediction of future buying behavior.

Speaker: Fredrik Khan, Solution Sales Manager at Enfo


When: March 22nd                

Where: Kistamässan, Stockholm

Booth in the Expo area: E:16

More information: www.datainnovationsummit.com

Fast Tracking Data-Driven Transformation - Interview with Fredrik Khan, Enfo