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evenemang - januari 22, 2018

TIBCO Sweden User Group Meetup

TIBCO in cooperation with Enfo is hosting Sweden’s first MeetUp. Join us in Stockholm on the 22nd of January and deep dive into some of TIBCO’s recent innovations in Open Source Software and Edge Integration technology for IoT, Project Flogo. This meetup will be run by Rahul Kamdar, Director of Product Management and Strategy at TIBCO, who normally spends his time between Pune, India and Palo Alto, CA.

Project Flogo is an open source framework for ultra light-weight microservices written using Golang. It helps developers rapidly build apps and services that can be deployed to cloud-native environments such as Docker and Cloud Foundry, to serverless or FaaS such as AWS Lambda and to IoT devices and systems. Supported by TIBCO Software, Project Flogo is at the core of all next-gen Integration and API capabilities being provided by TIBCO - both as open-source free to use as well as commercially supported enterprise offerings.

Come join this meetup to learn more about:

 - What is Project Flogo?

- How can you get started and build your apps or contribute to the project?

- What can you do with Project Flogo?

- How is TIBCO working with Project Flogo and other OSS projects including Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes?

 22nd January, 2018

TIME: 18.00 - 21.00

PLACE: Enfo's Office, Olof Palmes gata 31, Stockholm