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integration days 2019

evenemang - januari 31, 2019 - februari 01, 2019

Integration Days 2019 – Journey to the Cloud

Integration Days is not just any event. It is a community, a movement, the largest gathering of professionals in the Nordics with a passion for system integration and the possibilities it creates.

This year we are focusing on the cloud! Cloud has moved beyond being simply a technology and has transformed into a way of doing business. It has enabled the same kind of transformation for developing IT and buy computing today that the Internet did for communication and information sharing 20 years ago. In the next few years, we will see one of the biggest business transitions within our time - and we are traveling fast. Integration plays a significant role on that journey and that is exactly what the Integration Days 2019 are about. 

31 JAN - 1 FEB. 2019, Lindholmen Conference Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden.