Press release augusti 24, 2018

Nina Annila joins Enfo Management team

Nina Annila has been appointed EVP, Data platforms, and has joined the Management team on August 24.

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With a background in system deliveries, Annila has extensive experience both within the IT sector and Enfo, where she has worked in delivery of IT outsourcing services and software development deliveries as well as in sales and customer relationship management. Throughout her career, Annila’s focus has been on driving customers’ ambitious long-term development and achieving tangible results. She returned to Enfo after working in other organizations in 2010 and was a member of Enfo’s management team 2011-2013.

“Nina has a proven track record of cross-platform expertise and the skillset to strongly support the delivery of 24/7 care that Enfo provides. Having experienced both the customer and seller side of the business, she will help harness Enfo’s wide range of talent and enable our partners to drive change proactively,” says Enfo’s CEO Seppo Kuula.

Annila sees Enfo as a disruptor in its field, supporting its customers in managing, refining, analyzing and using data to their business advantage, and believes its many long-standing customer relationship speak of mutual trust.

“I look forward to Enfo taking an even bigger role in the field of systems and processes. I have confidence in the attitude and agility of Enfo’s employees and our ability to co-create with our customers and network of partners in a rapidly-changing environment,” she says. 



For additional information, please contact:

Seppo Kuula, CEO, Enfo Oyj, +358 40 370 0032

Nina Annila, EVP, Data platforms (from August 24, 2018), Enfo Oyj, +358405921063



Data-driven business transformation

Enfo is a Nordic IT service company enabling its customers’ data-driven business transformation. With our niched expertise in managing hybrid platforms and business applications including new digital services, we bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations. In an increasingly complex data environment, we integrate data on- and off-premises, in public and private cloud. We both build and run digital solutions – supporting our customers in mastering the complexity. We are over 900 niched experts working for a more intelligent world, with technology empowering people, businesses and societies.