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Enfo Careers

Take the lead in the Digital Dimension


build your career at enfo

Who are we at Enfo? More importantly, who can you be at Enfo? More than a job, how can building your career in the Digital Dimension with us enrich you with possibilities you can’t find anywhere else? This is a great starting point to get to know us and what makes us one of the best workplaces in the Nordics. So explore and experience a glimpse of our company culture, our current opportunities and what we can offer you, to see if Enfo is the place for you.


We are a company of specialists. So of course we’re constantly looking for bright minds — talented people driven to know everything there is to know about their specialties. 

Whether you’re just getting started in your career or already know exactly what your niche is, you’ll find your place at Enfo. Explore our opportunities or send us an open application.

We are always searching for the brightest minds in IT and financial services. Don’t hesitate to fill an application form – we are interested to hear from you.

Open application – Finland

Open application – Sweden

Open application – Norway

Open application – Thesis Work & Training

UTFORSKA vad vi kan och gör
UTFORSKA vad vi kan och gör




What does opportunity to thrive mean in everyday work? What kind of a team do genuine, passionate and energetic people make? We want to offer you a real look into life at Enfo and how we challenge ourselves every day by helping our customers transform their business in the digital dimension. And who better to talk about it than our employees themselves. Watch our career story videos and read employee interviews to get a feel for what it’s actually like to work at Enfo.

Månadens intervju

Agilt i datadjungeln

Eeva Rasi som är helt ny på Enfo berättar hur datavärlden ser ut från ett programutvecklarproffs ögon.

Månadens intervju

Lärandet – en investering för framtiden i en digitaliserad värld

Digitaliseringen kräver förändring och förnyelse. Förändring i sin tur kräver involverade medarbetare. Idag går allting så oerhört mycket snabbare än för bara några år sedan. Förändring är, för de allra flesta bolag, idag ett konstant tillstånd. Att på ledningsnivå ha en förståelse för och bejaka detta tillstånd är avgörande för den framtida konkurrenskraften.

Career stories

Samarbete och öppen kommunikation receptet för en lyckad förändring

Hur får man organisationen att fungera enligt gemensamma verksamhetsprinciper? Enfos CIO Office Head of Business Applications, Kari Salmi, berättar om hur Enfos IT-förvaltning ser på saken.

what we offer you

Working at Enfo means the opportunity to work with some of the best niched players in the industry and to grow professionally with fantastic colleagues. This is why we are considered one of the best workplaces in the Nordics according to Great Place to work. So who are we? How do we roll? And what can we offer you?

Enfo Careers

We are genuine, energetic and passionate

We take our customers, their needs, and business success seriously. However, our attitude is anything but stiff.
We solve our customer’s challenges with an energetic and engaged attitude. And most importantly, in a warm, fun and friendly working atmosphere.

We at Enfo have been able to create a supporting yet professional working environment. The key building blocks? Every level of the organization works as a team, together. There is an open, encouraging culture for discussion. You can be yourself, laugh with your colleagues, and feel you are respected as an individual.


We have the courage to give and take responsibility

At Enfo, we embrace the skills and knowledge of our employees. As they put it: Enfo will never stand in the way of somebody who wants to develop and excel. Freedom triggers development and quality. We firmly believe that the best results are achieved when people are given the chance to take charge of their own work and be responsible for the results.

Genuine freedom also means genuine personal balance. If you have the courage to take responsibility, you will have the chance to create the ideal, sustainable balance between your personal and professional life – just the way you want it.


We give you the opportunity to thrive

If you are ambitious and believe in yourself and your skills, you probably have high expectations towards your employer and colleagues.

With the Enfo team, you get the chance to work with excellent professionals and learn from them. We believe that interesting assignments and responsibilities will be the most inspiring drivers of your professional growth. You are always working close to customers, growing with your tasks. At Enfo, you can build your competence and skills through working for a focused niche player operating on a Nordic level.

As a steadily growing organization we put great value on growing our joint knowhow in all our business areas. That’s why we are always interested in new talent and what new they can bring to our team. In return we offer a competitive rewarding system, flexibility in everyday work and a truly motivated and enthusiastic Enfo team to work with.

We are building simpler, smarter and smoother future for organizations in digital dimension. That means you can be the one who unleashes the potential, and enables people and companies to focus on what they do best.