Career Stories

Juha Kukka

Juha Kukka works as a Digital Evangelist at Enfo.

What does your job entail?

I lead a team that concentrates on technical support for sales and also finding new technologies and solutions and productizing and integrating them to our ongoing services.

How would you describe Enfo as a workplace?

The best side of Enfo is that one truly has the chance to influence one’s own work and the direction of the whole company. I used to work for a bigger IT firm and being able to do things on customers’ terms is what sets Enfo apart from the bigger IT firms. The working atmosphere in my and also other teams is great and it is a pleasure to come to work every day.

What does superior competence mean to you?

For me it is about the small things that differentiate us from the competitors. Top competence can mean mastering one niche technology but it equally means our specialists’ strong knowhow and customer orientation in each problem solving situation. Their superior competence is reflected on how quickly and professionally they solve small and big problems even though the amount of technologies and products in our catalogue is nowadays incredibly vast.

How would you like to personally develop in your work?

Through continuously learning new things I want to find new and better ways of doing old things. Fortunately for me, this industry is in constant motion and development so learning and adopting new things is a must. 

As my own personal development goals at the moment I have a few sales certificates, ITIL and possibly PRINCE2 certifications.

What is the best part and on the other hand the most challenging part of your job?

The absolutely best part of my job is participating in Enfo’s service development and in determining the direction in which the company is heading. The biggest challenge is time management. Sometimes I think I could double my work hours and still have loads to do. I should probably add “no” to my vocabulary.

What are your hobbies?

I do various sports: I run and ski, go to the gym, exercise with kettlebells and every once in a while you can find me on the squash court. I also live in a 35 years old house which requires continuous upkeep – small projects and renovations take up my time quite efficiently, not to mention my family with a spouse, two kids and a dog.

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