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Interview with Qlik CTO Mike Potter

Analytics will be embedded everywhere



Mike Potter, Qlik


Anna Bergendal, Business Manager Qlik at Enfo recently met with Qlik’s CTO Mike Potter and took the opportunity to ask him about the latest trends within analytics, his focus in 2019 and the future focus for Qlik development. 


1. What is Qlik?

I would describe Qlik as a company enabling and integrating a data and analytic strategy that promotes data literacy within an organization. We enable people to be more effective with their data, and not afraid of it.

2. What are your best moments with Qlik?

I derive value in a lot of different ways. Of course, I’m proud to be offering a world-class software. On a personal level I like going down to the cafeteria and seeing people sit together and become friends just because I put them together as a team. I am result oriented and like achieving, but I also like growing teams and participating in creating of culture at Qlik.

3. What are the top analytics trends right now?

A trend that will continue is AI and machine learning. We have very much been pushing that it’s more than just the algorithms, it’s also about the people involved. We want to make people into better decision makers and we want to empower them through technology, and also recognize the value they bring to the equation as well from their intuition and experience. Things that algorithms don’t have. 

More generally speaking, what we’re going to see is analytics breaking out of the dashboard. It’s going to be everywhere. It’s going to be embedded in your daily life and in devices. Today we are in a collection phase in the industry, we are collecting all kinds of data but now we need to move to a phase where we can actually analyze at the point of occurrence, as opposed to waiting for it to be collected – and then analyzing.

4. What are the top three priorities that you as CTO are focusing on this year?

One of the most important things that I have been focusing on is Qlik’s journey to Enterprise SaaS, a full enterprise product that works in our multi-cloud architecture across any cloud provider, on premise and at the edge of an organization. Delivering it in April was a very big accomplishment. 

Our second accomplishment was integrating Enterprise SaaS with our overall strategies for making the right acquisitions. 

The third one is really about pushing the envelope of what it means to do analytics and the ways you can do analytics. One evidence of that is our ability to process natural language conversations based on big data sets, the Social Big Data Index. And also the ability to embed analytics. 

5. What message can we bring home to our QlikView customers? Can they expect new features?

There is no end to QlikView. What I really think we should focus on is being able to give customers the ability to run QlikView and Qlik Sense side by side in a single infrastructure.

I think many of our QlikView customers are under budget constraints. By moving QlikView into our multi cloud architecture, customers can have a single environment which means a much lower total cost of ownership when you can run them side by side. I believe that this gives the QlikView customer base a lot of options. They can continue to leverage and love QlikView, and they can continue leverage Qlik Sense. 

From a feature development perspective, we’re going to focus on QlikView and new architecture. The only thing we will not invest in is the UI.

Curious about how to leverage your company’s business with smart Qlik solutions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Anna Bergendal to learn more. 

Anna Bergendal works as Business Manager Qlik at Enfo
+46 73 625 3050