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Enfo at sharepoint saturday
September 2019, Stockholm

Insights from Sharepoint Saturday



SharePoint Saturday is an event for curious professionals and people who want to learn more about building modern workplaces in Office 365. The event is held in different cities around the world and features sessions form influential and respected Office 365 professionals. During the event in Stockholm in September we had the privilege to present four of our colleagues among the speakers who brought us lots of bright insights and inspiration for our upcoming SharePoint projects. 


Bardia Jedi, speaker at the event and Office365 Software Developer at Enfo share his best take-aways from SharePoint Saturday! 

Why did you participate in SharePoint Saturday? 

The Short answer must be “Sharing is caring!”. However, it’s a great opportunity to meet my peers and get inspired by their work. Personally, I held a session talking about Key Vault integration.  

Any exciting insights or take-aways from the event? 

The session on hybrid environments for managing security-classified information given by my colleagues Magnus Ericsson and Andreas Eriksson Hammar at Enfo was an appreciated talk filled with interesting technical solutions that facilitate the complex question of storing digital material today.  

What are the advantages working with Office365?  

Office365 is a great platform for collaboration, independent of where you team exists. You can work together online and minimize feeling of distance, which means I can work with colleagues based anywhere else in the world in real time. This is made possible with the addition of Microsoft Teams. The ability to access most of the Office365 applications via a single application that runs on most platforms. Of course, this applies to the users of the services we provide as well.  

What makes Enfo a great place to work? 

What I love about working as a developer at Enfo is the level of autonomy I have. Most of the companies that I have had contact with don’t provide the same level of autonomy and freedom as Enfo does. At Enfo I don’t need to worry about excessive amount of policies, and I feel that Enfo as an employer trusts me to be loyal to the company and take responsibility for my delivery. It encourages me to be creative and makes me important in the process delivering high-standard services to our customers.  

What kind of SharePoint project are you working on right now at Enfo?  

Right now, my team is working on a hybrid solution that supposed to seamlessly integrate Swedish data security regulations. What we will deliver will enable our clients to easily adhere to Swedish regulations, without being too restrictive. It surely is a very exciting project using modern solutions at the front edge of what today’s technology offers.  


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