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Enfo Johanna & Victoria Welcome More Women in Tech

Johanna & Victoria welcome more women in tech


Johanna & Victoria welcome more women in tech


Have you ever thought about working in tech? 

Maybe you have, but wonder how technical you must be to be able to start or transition your career to tech.

We asked our colleagues Victoria Sohlen and Johanna Kallin to share their journey to become women in tech. Victoria, 26, works today as a Full Stack Developer and Johanna; also 26, works both as a Cloud Developer and a Team Lead. Their stories are both encouraging and inspirational for any women aspiring a career in tech.

How did Victoria and Johanna start their careers in tech?

For Victoria, a career in the tech industry was a delightful accident. A few years ago, Victoria was studying Media & Communications, and had a mandatory 6-week course in web design. 

"I really enjoyed it, even if six weeks wasn't nearly enough. However, the experience triggered me to figure out how I could learn more about web design."


Victoria Sohlén


In 2015, Victoria found herself studying Software Development.

Before Enfo, Victoria worked with developing and modifying existing work tools for industry workers. It was in this role, where Victoria realized web development was more what she wanted to do. 

She contacted a recruitment consultant who then introduced her to Enfo. After a couple of interviews, Victoria was happily welcomed to join the company in August 2018.

About a year earlier, in the fall of 2017, Johanna had accepted a job offer made by Enfo. Her journey to Enfo took place through a 12-week learning program on IT & software development organized by Academic Work.

As part of the program, Johanna was placed to work at Enfo. After the six months as a trainee, Johanna was asked about her interest to accept a permanent position with Enfo. 

"Before the program, I had finished my degree in Business & Economics in Stockholm. I then moved to Örebro and found it surprisingly difficult to find a job. That's why I enrolled in this Academy," Johanna explains.

"When Enfo placed me to a project with an economic twist, developing payment API for a big customer, it felt like a match made in heaven! My background helped me a lot," Johanna explains. 

Working in tech is so much more than coding 

Both Johanna and Victoria agree especially on one thing: "Working in tech is so much more than just coding!" 

Johanna adds: "Of course I code, but I also meet our customers and stakeholders, have sparring sessions with my team and do project management."

Today, Victoria can fully concentrate on what she hoped for: web development. With her team, she oversees and maintains part of the website of a large customer. Her work includes handling various customer requirements as well as developing and implementing site redesigns, whenever needed.

"I truly enjoy my job! And working together with my team has a big part in it. We communicate a lot with each other. There's always a colleague to discuss and share ideas with, plan next steps or tackle the occasional difficulties that come up. This year has made me realize that this job is what I want to do," Victoria states.

Johanna is a team leader for seven cloud developers. Every day, she begins the day with a quick team meeting to check everyone is on track. Her schedule is heavily influenced by what is going on in customer projects. Because of her business acumen, Johanna is usually the person in contact with the clients. 

During the past two years at Enfo, Johanna's views on working in tech have changed.

"I thought I'd have to know a lot about technology and the functionalities in different systems. Today cloud service providers offer a lot "as a service". They take care of so much of the technical infrastructure that we can focus on the application and how to get maximum business value out of it," Johanna explains.

"I do write a lot of code, but it's not the same as programming hardware. It's more about translating business rules into coding language, which in the end, is not that hard to learn!" 

If you're interested in tech – take the step! 

Johanna wants to encourage women to take that necessary step towards a career in technology. 

"There is so much you can do by yourself to become readier. You can read, study, and learn the basics of tech development through online courses or by attending a learning program. Dare to try if you are interested!"

"Tech industry is in desperate need of skilled women! We need the female side of view for various tech solutions. Still today it's men who develop most apps, systems, and products even if they are targeted for female users. It often adds value if the developer can relate to the female user's problem or situation," Johanna says. 

"We also need women's opinions and experiences in this industry to allow it to grow and develop."


Joanna Kallin


Victoria is aware that many women are a bit afraid of this male-dominated industry. 

"There's just one thing I can say: don't be afraid. Everyone can do it. Just start some courses online and give it ago. Also, remember, there's so much more in this industry than just coding. Take the step. You won't regret it!"


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