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Travel notes from Ignite 2019


Travel notes from Ignite 2019


This year Microsoft Ignite was held once again in Orlando for the third consecutive year. The event continues to grow and this time it was said to be more than 26.000 attendees.

Microsoft Ignite is all about learn, connect and explore and this year it was a significant higher focus on connecting the Microsoft product teams (the once building the technology) with experts and customers. For people that have been in the business for a decade or two this is a new side of Microsoft where they are very eager to collaborate and get feedback on how their products are used, what features that are missing and so on.

As earlier there was also 1000+ different sessions available to choose from and there is no problem to keep yourself busy learning new stuff from nine in the morning to seven a clock in the evening in all possible areas from a high-level Azure fundamentals on a 100-level to a 400-level technical deep dive on Azure Kubernetes Service.

On the 4th of November it all started with Satya Nadella´s Vision Keynote, since the seating was very limited only the first 1500 attendees got the chance to see the keynote live, everyone else had to see it via streaming which was not such a big miss since parts of the keynote was filmed from the expo area anyway the keynote was then followed with 5 Different technology keynotes and after that it was full focus to keep up with the schedule and making sure to be in the right room at the right time. Anyone walking less than 20.000 steps/day have either planned like a pro or selected the session closest.

As usual there was a lot of announcements, actually so many that it rendered a PDF called “Book of News” of 86 pages. But the biggest news is certainly Azure Arc enabling Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure independent of if its running in Azure, AWS or on-prem, Windows or Linux. The other brand-new products that where launched was Project Cortex which use AI to automatically classify all your content into topics to form a knowledge network, improving individual productivity and organizational intelligence. Azure Synapse Analytics brings together traditional data warehousing and big data analytics with a unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage and serve data for BI and machine learning applications.
Other changes and features announced, big and small but still worth mention is Azure Private Link, Azure Bastion, Microsoft Defender ATP on MacOS (and next year even Linux Servers), Automated incident response in O365 ATP, New connectors for Azure Sentinel, Insider risk management in M365, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Productivity Score.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a new bundling of Microsoft ConfigMgr, Intune and Desktop Analytics with a new admin portal which also includes a simplified license model allowing Intune licenses for co-management to everyone that already have ConfigMgr licenses this together with the new User experience analytics will be a great improvement for simplifying the story.

During the week we also had the chance to meet some of our customers in the evenings which is always valuable both from a relationship point of view, getting the possibility to get together in more relaxed way but also to hear their reflections and thoughts on all news and input during the week and get a customer point of view on things as well.

This was only a short summary of Ignite 2019, things to consider for the future is that Ignite is not only the place to be for a crash-course training of what´s new and what’s coming and connect with peers, it’s from now on also THE place to collaborate with Microsoft´s product teams and been able to raise your issues and challenges in a very efficient way.

A big thanks to Microsoft for a very well arranged Ignite 2019, and a big thanks to our customers that spent some of their time with us, it was much appreciated and very valuable.



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