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Meetup - Infrastructure as Code


Meetup - Infrastructure as Code


Enfo is happy to arrange a second meetup together with 'Serverless Stockholm' on the topic Infrastructure as Code.

Building a Serverless Slackbot with Machine Learning Capabalities using the AWS CDK

During this event we’ll look deeper into the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and how it can be used to build a Machine Learning Capable Slackbot based on serverless services within AWS. The AWS CDK is a framework that allows you to define infrastructure in code and provisioning it through CloudFormation. The AWS CDK comes with several advantages over plain CloudFormation configuration enabling you to:

  • Share and reuse infrastructure libraries
  • Test your infrastructure code
  • Use logic (if, loops etc) in your infrastructure definition
  • Higher level of abstraction
  • Code completion within your IDE
  • Define infrastructure in a familiar programming language
    and more…

During the meetup we will demonstrate how to configure and provision infrastructure using the AWS CDK, we will also discuss difficulties, advantages and share our honest opinion on the state of the AWS CDK.


17:30 - Doors open, food is served
18:00 - Presentation begins
19:00 - Questions and discussions
19:30 - Doors closing


DATE: 9th of October, 2019

TIME: 17.30 - 19.30

PLACE: Enfo's office, Olof Palmes gata 31, Stockholm